Invisible Spaces

Jack Alun

Humorous, poignant, sometimes absurd, Invisible Spaces offers a highly individualistic view of the world. Employing a mixture of recollection, closely observed incident and emotion, the book explores a range of subjects, places and ideas with a light touch and simply expressed structure. But, above all, Invisible Spaces is a book of poetry that is both readable and never dull.
From the Prologue:

‘Apropos of nothing or maybe hoping to end a drought of ideas, I started rereading Homer’s Odyssey. A strange time, as it happened – a lull before a storm, a phoney war – when nothing much, apart from two brief trips to Malta and Mallorca, seemed to be of stimulus. Then again, one can’t quite ignore the connection between the two islands and their sea vistas and what I began to read. But, like everyone else, I couldn’t imagine what was about to happen next. I was in the process of formulating ideas for a series of poems around Odysseus’s travels when Covid struck and the world, as we had experienced it, imploded, with all the curtailment and confinement that that implosion came to entail. Gradually, as the days mounted and with them a drift towards introspection, my ideas began to take on a far more personal, inquiring approach in what I was writing, so that the result, Invisible Spaces, is a collection of poems that journeys both inwardly and outwardly, exploring encounters with a range of people, places and events through the mirage of a single mind, the invisible space.’

Jack Alun

JACK ALUN is a freelance writer, whose travel writing, poetry and reviews have appeared in anthologies, magazines and e-zines throughout the world. He’s also written two works of non-fiction and a novel. He lives, works and divides his time between France and the UK.


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