E. H. Kreps

For generations of outdoor enthusiasts E.H. Kreps was a trusted authority on wilderness camping and survival. Woodcraft, as well as defining what we now call bushcraft, remains to this day an essential guide to living and travelling in the remote forests of Northern Europe and North America

The first camp I remember making, or remodeling, was an old lumber camp, one side of which I partitioned off and floored. It was clean and neat appearing…but that was not really a wilderness camp, and while I realize that in many of the trapping districts where it is necessary to camp, there are often these deserted buildings to be found, those who trap or hunt in such places are not the ones who must solve the real problems of camp building. It is something altogether different when we get far into the deep, silent forest….

So begins E H Krepps’ classic account of Woodcraft which has led to a whole modern industry of the Ray Mears and Bear Grylls type outdoor adventure. What is interesting about Krepps’ writing is that he of course is writing before many of the modern comforts, materials and techniques had made any sort of appearance and for the reader looking for the genuine article based on raw experience and the genuine wilderness pioneer there is no better place to start.


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