The Return of the Divine Mary

Bjarni Bjarnason

‘The Return of the Divine Mary is a wonderfully eccentric, enchanting read. Traces of William Blake mingle with undertones of Bulgakov, Eco and Kafka to create a fast-paced, unpredictable drama constructed on an intriguing premise: What would the Virgin Mary be like as a young woman in modern society, and how would her contemporaries receive her?’

Bjarni Bjarnason

BJARNI BJARNASON is an award-winning novelist, poet and essayist. The Return of the Divine Mary was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize in 1996. He has won the Tómas Guðmundsson Prize and the Halldór Laxness Prize.

David McDuff

David McDuff is a British literary translator and editor. His translations include works of nineteenth-century Russian fiction in Penguin Classics, as well as nineteenth and twentieth-century Scandinavian poetry and prose.


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