Poems from the Plastic Bag

Richard Eccles

From the mirthful and intoxicated world of performance poetry comes this extraordinary mix of poems for shouting, crying and laughing out loud.

Lurking in the Plastic Bag of Poems is a riot of funny, irreverent and naughty words that you’ve probably thought but never thought you’d see put together quite like this, audaciously illustrated by Mr James Castleden’s seriously witty and eye-popping works of art.

Trumpeted here in this unique collection in a glorious sympthongy is The Thong Cycle, the world’s most important literary work exploring this most understated of undergarments. Mr Eccles also peers into the imagination of the cabbage, the history of golf club banter, the clothes your mum buys you and the beauty of Britain’s tea towels. And a few other easy things like love, family and adultery.

You’ll never look at plastic bags or poetry in quite the same way ever again.


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