Balkan Poetry Today 2018

This is a ground-breaking and ambitious attempt to collect the best of modern poetry from all over the Balkan region in its broadest sense together and in translation to allow access to a huge variety of extraordinary modern writing for speakers of English. Writers from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Rumania, Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia have all contributed their work with the help and guidance of Tom Phillips, a writer, poet and translator now residing in Sophia, Bulgaria. This is an amazing and daring venture bringing the very best of modern poetry translated by some of the finest translators across eight or nine languages together into one volume. And this is the second and even more successful version of last year’s outstanding debut. With particular focus on the poetry of Romania and Moldova in this edition there is a feast of unknown and first class writing to be enjoyed by some of the biggest names of Eastern Europe who are hardly known at all in Britain and the English-reading world.


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