new & recommended / 10th February 2021

Novel, fiction part historical and part contemporary telling the story of Burgerman and the Circle, a place that lives outside the system. Out there, in Lardland, the world is on a descent into violence, rage, inequality and broken people. The Circle is everything Lardland isn’t. It’s about community, integrity, cooperation, safety, nature, creativity, a move away from money-driven things and status. Chapter 1 introduces us to Burgerman and his giving advice, Chapter 2 brings in Milton who is ultimately part of the Circle’s downfall but he has a terrible tale to tell of how he, too, has fallen off the edge and then the story begins to unfold of how the Circle is the target of an unholy partnership of gangster-capitalists and people with the power and means to destroy and take whatever they want. Burgerman and his group work to expose the identities of these people – millionaires with endless companies not paying tax, bent coppers, local gangsters running dodgy businesses and even local aristocracy looking for ways of making lots of money. Amongst all this we glimpse life as it is lived in the Circle and the stories of the people who have come to live there and…